Do it, ...or Don't. It's Up To You.

There are many great opportunities available in our world today. Possibilities that didn't exist 30 years ago, or 10 years ago for that matter. The saying that you can be whatever you want to be has never been more true and opportunities more accessible than they are now. Things that for so many years were only obtainable for the wealthy, can now be enjoyed by the masses. Travel is a good example. When I was growing up in the 1960's air travel was a special and rare treat. So special that I remember the entire family dressing up for flights on Eastern Air Lines during a vacation trip to the Bahamas. Ocean cruises were only for the privileged and so costly. Both of these things are now easily enjoyed by the majority in the Western world...  if we make it a priority and commit to making it happen.

That special weekend, week or month long motorcycle adventure is no exception. Social media has made networking so incredibly easy, thereby opening up a vast supply of information and assistance for making that trip happen. I have found people that are willing to help in so many ways. From giving directions, to lending a hand with maintenance or repairs, to even offering a room to stay in while traveling. The motorcyclist world has never been more interconnected than now, and your chance to do something epic never easier. The only obstacle is you.

You are the one that makes it a pipe dream, a possibility, or a reality. It all boils down to that one simple, but powerful word: commitment. I heard a motivational speaker once (yeah, that was a big thing back in the 80's) that said it is as if the whole universe will line up to make something happen once you make a commitment. He said there are possibilities and situations that are just waiting on someone to make the decision so they can present themselves. Sadly, most people will not make that commitment. Whether it is fear of failure, ridicule or lack of motivation, many people lead a life of quiet desperation. Always wanting more. Forever wishing and hoping it will happen someday, But someday never comes.

If there is a motorcycle adventure of a lifetime in your mind, regardless of how big or small, why not take that first step to making it a reality? We at Adventure Tejas would love for you to ride with us, but whether with us, your friends, another company or alone. Commit. Plan. Do it. You'll be glad you did.