Frequently Asked Questions


Do i have to provide my own motorcycle?

The short answer to this is yes.

We are developing ideas that may give riders that don't own a dual-sport, enduro or adventure bike opportunity to rent one, but at the current time we do not have rentals or an affiliation with a company that provides them. If you are interested in renting email us and we may be able to put you in contact with someone that can help.

do i need extensive experience off-pavement?

No. While it is highly recommended that all riders joining our tours have some degree of experience, our tours are designed to be comfortable for most riders with street experience. We will rate the difficulty of our off-pavement sections for the ride with a 1 - 3 scale. (1 suitable for most riders, 3 difficult/advanced experience only). The majority of our routes are suitable for beginners and fun for advanced riders.

Ultimately it is up to you to self-determine your level of comfort and experience and choose tours that are appropriate.

What type of motorcycle is needed?

A dual-sport or adventure motorcycle of 600cc or larger displacement is recommended for comfort due to some sections of highway travel that require speeds of 70-75 mph for some distance. Equipping with a good dual-sport or knobby tire is best for the terrain we cover as street tires generally don't provide the traction needed for loose sand, gravel or mud.

are there limits on meals provided?

Yes. Adventure Tejas will not pay for any alcohol ordered with the meals we provide. Our pricing structure includes a suitable lunch and/or dinner for one person with a beverage. If multiple entrees or appetizers are ordered those will generally be at your own expense.

How are the off-pavement sections rated?

Adventure Tejas uses The Dual Sport Rider's Dirt Road Rating System as posted at If you would like to see picture examples they have some posted at this address.

Class 1: Improved dirt, gravel, etc.  Passable by any motorcycle capable of off-pavement travel.

Class 2: Poorly maintained dirt, gravel, etc.  Rocks, sand, mud holes, ruts, inclines, water crossings, or other similar obstacles make this road difficult for larger, heavier adventure motorcycles and requires some rough terrain riding skills.

Class 3: Rugged, unmaintained dirt, gravel, etc. roads.  Significant obstacles such as moderate sized rocks, deep sand, deep or long mud sections, deep & wide water crossings, and/or steep inclines with loose terrain & tentative traction make this road/trail extremely difficult for large adventure bikes and very challenging for large dual sport motorcycles such as 650cc thumpers.  Advanced rough terrain / off-road riding skills advised.

I'm new to ADV, will i be able to keep up?

Yes. We follow the same rules as most organized dual-sport/ADV events. Anytime there is a turn to make, each rider is responsible for making sure the rider following them sees them make the turn so no one is lost. We also will normally operate with a lead rider and a sweep rider that are connected via Bluetooth.  We will work together as a team to ensure everyone gets through difficult sections or obstacles.

My tour includes a Adventure tejas branded shirt, when do i get this?

For all tours that include a shirt, hat or other wearables in the package, these will be given to you at the time of the tour. If the tour is booked less than 3 weeks in advance the item may be shipped to an address you provide since we normally have around a 10 business day lead time on printable items.