Texas Hill Country

The Hill Country region is a beautiful place located in South-Central Texas. Not only is a it a great place for motorcycling, both on and off pavement, but it is also a major tourism area. A combination of rolling hills, rivers, widely varied vegetation and peaceful, historic small towns make it a great place to visit. Extending mostly Westward from Austin and Northwest of San Antonio it marks the end of the American Southeast and the beginning of the Southwest. With an abundance of small shops, restaurants, more than 53 wineries and nearly 60 craft breweries there is always something to do.

P&P web.jpg

Pint & plow, kerrville, tx

Pint & Plow Brewing Company was founded with a passion to develop community by connecting people, place, and history through beer and food crafted from real ingredients.   As the first and only craft brewery in Kerrville, P&P has created a new industry and gathering place of which the people in the Kerrville community can be proud to call their own. http://pintandplow.com/

grape juice, kerrville, tx

In 2007, Grape Juice Wine Shop was born in Ingram, Texas where Patrick was able to showcase his wine knowledge and sell the wines made by the people he really loved. One year later, Grape Juice By-The-Glass was opened upstairs from the wine shop and quickly, from many hill country residents, became a place to hide out and enjoy great wine and friends. In September 2009, Patrick and his wife closed the Ingram location, purchased and renovated the old Rose Shop in downtown Kerrville and reopened Grape Juice adding unique beer and simple food to the mix. http://www.grapejuiceonline.com/


francisco’s, kerrville, tx

Tourists can enjoy a good meal along with a bite of Hill Country history while dining at Francisco’s Restaurant in Kerrville, located at 201 Earl Garrett in the restored Weston Building.  Francisco’s offers both indoor and sidewalk dining.  The menu features enough variety to cater to every palate, including steak, seafood, and Mexican food. http://www.franciscos-restaurant.com/